From the 50th Reunion Memorial Service program, May 31, 2024
Drawings by Paul Zelinsky ’74
Original words and music for chorus by Prof. Robert Kyr ’74

“Lux et Veritas”

Give rest, O God, to your servants.
With your saints:
Through all our memories
In all these vanishing years,
We rise to this bright day.
Through a veil of tears.

Give rest,
O God, to your servants:
Where sorrow and pain are no more —
Neither sighing, but only everlasting life!

In these solemn moments,
We are called to see
As keepers of passing time
What has truly come to be.

Let nothing stop us
Continuing to explore
Memories of those before us
As we imagine more.

Give rest, O God:
Only you are immortal,
The Creator and Maker of humankind.
Yet we are mortal, formed of earth
And to earth we shall return.

O beloved Friends —
Too soon, far too soon, you left us!
O Memory Eternal!
Yet in spirit we unite —
Always seeking truth,
Forever in the light.

O lux et veritas
With love, in light,
In truth, in peace,
Lux et veritas