We are trying out this subdomain as the home of the 50th reunion classbook.

Basic setup tasks:

  • Need password protection on all pages, using the same WordPress user credentials as the main site yale74.org
  • Need to install fonts and styles similar to or exactly like styles on main site
  • Need to build for 3 modes of viewing: desktop, tablet, phone
  • Need a home page
  • Need an “essay” post template
  • Need a “survey responses” post template
  • Need a “general text” post template for miscellaneous use (lists of credits, etc)
  • Need to figure out menu integration with main site, so that viewers can pass seamlessly from one domain to the other, for instance go here: Stu’s profile
  • Target date for readiness to build final pages: April 1, 2024
  • Target date for public viewing: May 1, 2024